Social Communication

  1. Social media and Salesian Guidelines

    GUIDELINES for the use of social media GENERAL COUNCILOR FOR THE SOCIAL COMMUNICATION AGC423 - 2. ORIENTATIONS AND DIRECTIVES  For download: SNS_guideline.doc (draft 2012) For dowload: ACG423_CS_en.doc (SDB model 2016) Provincial le...
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  2. Internet is not an enemy - Filiberto Gonzalez

    INTERNET IS NOT AN ENEMY - Fr. Filiberto L'INVITATO «Internet non è un nemico»   La tecnologia unisce la famiglia oppure contribuisce a disgregarla? Oggi bambini e adolescenti trascorrono in media più di cinquanta ore settimanali con i me...
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  3. Formation for Social Communication

    Elements for the Formation of Salesians in Communication Rome, Sector for the Social Communication ed. 2015 (printed in Don Bosco Press, Makati-Manila 336 pages FOR DOWNLOAD:   OTHER AID for the SOCIAL COMMUNICATION D0 2016 ...
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  4. AustraLasia news - Boscolink

    AustraLasia link BACK TO THE FUTURE (1997-2016) First twenty years of this wonderful East Asia - Oceania Regional News Service Historical overview: BOSCONET-origin.docx Presentation of the Boscolink website (+registration):...
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  5. Salesianity Books - ENGLISH

    English Salesianity Publications available India - Bangalore, Kristu Yoti Publications Contact: Fr. Jose Kuttianimatthatil  page 2 Page 3. Page 4 Catalogue 2014 - general  page 2 page 3 India - Chennai, DBI...
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  6. EAO - formation to SC - Cambodia

    EAO - SOCIAL COMMUNICATION 2015 CAMBODIA DELEGATION by Fr. Albeiro Rodas Cambodia SC delegation plan draft 2015.pdf Cambodia-Journalism for Cambodians.pdf Cambodia-Media Communication Curriculum.pdf Cambodia-Media Communication ...
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  7. Cross-cultural communication EAO

    Intercultural dynamics are becoming more and more important  among the Salesians in many provinces and communities. Some useful tools are available: Manila-Cebu, 2011 Multicultural communication in formation houses and study centers ...
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    FIN - social media seminar

    FIN - Social Media Seminar Formation materials FIN-postnovice social media.ppt FIN-postnovice seminar-workshop.ppt FIN-postnovice effects of Social Media to the Young.doc                      Open Question: How do you understand ‘...
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  9. Australia-DB 200 publications

    Australia - Salesian publications for the DB200 FOR DOWNLOAD: A Tale of a Few Cities Peter Carroll SDB.pdf St John Bosco Charismatic Founder B Graham SDB.pdf 'Ciantar - A real Salesian' (by Jeffrey A. Bradley, 246pages) Biography o...
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  10. Social communication Salesian Style

    EAO Social Communication Delegates 2015 EAO Social Communication 2015 - regional encounter November - Tokyo PROVINCIAL COMMISSION on social communication (CIN sharing) - for download Social CommunicatPresentation2015.ppt SA...
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  11. Journal of Salesian Studies - Berkeley 25/6/2015 - Re-launch of the Journal of Salesian Studies (ANS - Berkeley) - "It is with great joy that we want to mark this bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosc...
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  12. EAO translators - Salesian terminology 2015

    EAO-2014-Translators encounter follow up.pdf  EAO-2014 Translation reality-analysis Julian.doc  CIN-PAL-terminology-overview-work version 2015-06.xlsx  KOR-Salesian text translations into KOREAN.xlsx RMG-Salesian Glossary 2005 Julian.zi...
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  13. East Asia Oceania - Letter 2007

    ACG 397 EAO region-nihongo-japanese.doc ACG 397 - EAO bahasa indonesia.doc Letter of the Rector Major about the East Asia Oceania Region (Fr. Pascual Chavez) in 2007, Acts of the General Council SDB, n. 397   YOU ARE THE SALT O...
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