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austraLasia #20

Bosco Integrated computer Services 
The Citadel, Chennai, India - 600 010

Bosco Integrated computer Services is an endeavour by the Salesians of Chennai,  (Tamilnadu, India) to widen the career opportunities for poor rural youth and thus empower them to surge ahead in Information Technology.  It supplies software packages and takes up Data  Entry Jobs.


Utilizing  the Computer Centres in the rural areas, we train youth depending on   industrial demands on the job market, in our highly competitive computer world. 
BicS has trained several poor rural youngsters in Data Entry skills  at various rural  Don Bosco Institutions.  In our endeavour  towards  economic empowerment of the poor  we are taking up Date Entry Jobs which will provide a means of income to them.

We undertake and complete any publication work such as entering data of Books and  Journals.  The network system to which we are exposed  are a. SGML  b. HTML and all the type setting related packages. We can do any type of pre - press jobs for you  at a very low cost.  You can contact us at this address  Inmvprov @


Our customer friendly packages  listed  below will cater to many of  your automation needs.

(Bosco Library Information System) 
A comprehensive library management package with multiple modules to provide online access to any information at the stroke of a key about your library.  BLIS keeps track of every book, journal, compact disk, audio tape, micro film etc.... A product designed, verified and delivered after a decade of research and experiment.  Ideally suited for Indian Libraries, but can be adopted to other countries at request. 

(College, School, Manager) 
Yet another innovative product of BicS exclusively designed  to take the load off the shoulders... of HMs, AHMs, School clerks, and others manages all routine chores  of your school/college right from the Admission to Result processing.  An efficient and successful tool of each you will be proud users.

(Accounts Made Easy) 
An amazingly easy to use package.... developed, tested, updated and acclaimed by chartered accountants over the past 12 years specially for non-profit organizations.  It operates on multiple bank accounts, unlimited account heads and records account of every section and person of your organization.  AcME includes a special feature of instantaneous report generation as per auditor's demands.

(Parish Manager) 
A must for your ever growing parish.  Records details of every parishner, his/her sacramental status, economic position, educational and professional details.  It generates all types of ledgers, monitors the contributions, facilitates quick issue of certificates and follows up parish associations.  An ideal software for every Church awaiting the Third Millennium.

(Peter's Pal) 
An excellent system designed for the use of  leaders of religious institutes, provinces, dioceses... Maintains record of every institute and every member of  the province.  You can extract any report at the press of a key.

Contact us!  We being a religious Congregation aiming to serve, You'll find our rates amazingly attractive and a affordable even to poor institutions & parishes.

Other Software Packages on the anvil are....

Hospital Management 
Scout Movement Organiser 
Educational Simulation Software 
Career Guidance Infobase 
 Social Survey Package

Salesian Province of Chennai 
Past Pupils of Don Bosco around the Globe 
Department of Computer Science,  Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. 
Contact us at Chennai or Tirupattur

Fr.Thamburaj  SDB - BicS 
The Citadel 
22a.Taylors Road 
Chennai 600 010, Tamil Nadu 
Phone: (044) 6412124/5,  6411723 
Fax    : (044) 6411310 
E-mail: Inmvprov @

Fr. Gregory Thaddeus SDB - BicS 
Sacred Heart College 
Tirupattur 635 601, Tamil Nadu 
Phone : (04179) 20553, 20103 
Fax     : (04179) 20313