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Fr. John Lee (KOR) memory 1962-2010. January 14

Fr. John Lee Memorial Foundation FB.jpg

Movie: Don't Cry for me Tonj

John Lee Tae-Dont Cry for me Tonj.docx


BOOK: Will You Become My Friend?

(Bible & Life Publications, Seoul, Korea - Caritas Sisters: 30th edition)

John Lee-Sharing 2010.pdf  >>> looking for a translator from Korean into English

John Lee-Friend 2010 KOR.docx

ENG review:Will You Be My Friend-book review ENG.docx

News Articles collection:

AustraLasia 2010: AustraLasia Fr. John Lee 2010 AD.docx

AustraLasia 2011: austraLasia John Lee Tonj Don Bosco 2011 AD.docx

AustraLasia 2012: austraLasia Fr. John Lee 2012 AD.docx

ITALIAN biography sketch: padre-john-lee.pdf

CAGLIERO 11: 2011 July - Don Bosco of Tonj Cagliero 11-07 2011-ing.pdf

MOVIE: Don't Cry For Me Tonj 

Lee John confession.png

Tonj, 2006


Fr. John Lee Memorial Foundation, Seoul - Korea

Fr.John Lee Foundation korea.jpg

Tonj Clinic


Shukuran, Fr. John Lee Memorial Foundation newsletter - Seoul, Korea 2016, December

  1. Salesian Missions Day 2017 - America

    Salesian Mission Day 2017 - AMERICA (focus on indigenous people)  VIDEO - text in English SMD 2017 Introduction-draft ENG.doc SMD 2017 Mapuche ENG.doc SMD 2017 Mexico CHINANTECHI ENG.doc SMD 2017 Mexico MIXES ENG.doc SMD 2017 Yan...
    Date2017.02.03 Byvaclav Views8165
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  2. Salesian Mission Day 2017

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 18.0px '[YoonV] YoonMyungjo100_OTF'} … and they remained with us Initial Proclamation and the Indigenous Peoples of America GMS 2017_Libretto_EN.pdf
    Date2017.02.02 Byceteratolle Views79
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  3. FMA - 140 years of missions

    Rome (Italy).  Proclaim and bear witness ”to the young and with the young the Good News of Redemption” (C 8).  On the 14th of each month we are invited to relaunch our being missionaries of hope and of joy accepting the invitation t...
    Date2017.01.15 Byvaclav Views507
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  4. Fr John Lee Memory (1962-2010)

    Fr. John Lee (KOR) memory 1962-2010. January 14 Movie: Don't Cry for me Tonj John Lee Tae-Dont Cry for me Tonj.docx BOOK: Will You Become My Friend? (Bible & Life Publications, Seoul, Korea - Caritas Sisters: 30th edition) ...
    Date2017.01.12 Byvaclav Views296
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  5. Project Europe SDB

    Project Europe (SDB) 2008 start BASIC DOCUMENT OF PROJECT EUROPE:   PE 2004 (First meeting of Europe provincials) PE 2004 RM conclusions ITA.doc  (Fr. Chavez) PE 2008 (Second meeting of Europe provincials) + Fr Chavez  PE 2008 ...
    Date2016.12.03 Byvaclav Views146
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  6. Salesian Missionaries in Europe

    SALESIAN MISSIONARIES IN EUROPE (ed. SDB, vol. 67, 2016) P. 264 Missionari Salesiani in Europa (2016).pdf  - for download
    Date2016.07.19 Byvaclav Views81
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  7. Missionary Group in formation houses

    Missionary group in Salesian formation houses AFRICA - Utume theology community (AFE - Kenya) AFE_Utume missionary group-2016 action plan.docx AFE-Utume missionary group-Boscolink.docx
    Date2016.05.25 Byvaclav Views77
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  8. Missionary Course UPS 2016

    UPS, Rome 2016 Presentation letter of the Missions Councilor  Corso Missioni UPS 2016 Lettera Ispettori ENG.docx Back page EAO participants in the UPS ONGOING MISSIONARY COURSE (1995-2012) UPS-missionary course EAO participa...
    Date2015.12.22 Byvaclav Views147
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  9. Salesian Mission Day 2016 - Oceania

    COME< HELP US! Salesian Mission Day 2016 - focus on Oceania for download:  page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 Page 6 page 8 page page  page 10 page 11 p...
    Date2015.11.22 Byvaclav Views1070
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  10. Lord Send Me - Salesian missionary vocation

    Salesian Missionary Vocation 2015 (jpg verion of the animation booklet ENGLISH) Two Three Four A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A ...
    Date2015.11.13 Byvaclav Views103
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  11. EAO missionary animation 2015 Seoul

    Seoul, November 10-13, 2015 EAO provincial delegates for the missionary animation 2015-2016-PDMA-Directory.doc Missionary animation in the provincial community: EAO-provincial structures of mission animation ENG.doc Missionary anima...
    Date2015.11.12 Byvaclav Views133
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  12. Salesian Missionary Formation

    Salesian Missionary Formation Course for the new missionaries (annual event - September, 25 days) - Rome-Turin for download 146-new missionary course program 2015 September.pdf  Missionary formation - SDB Guidelines, 2014  Formazione...
    Date2015.09.21 Byvaclav Views477
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  13. Fit for Mission (NZ)

    New Zealand - Auckland diocesan pastoral plan (2014-2019)  FIT FOR MISSION for download PASTORAL PLAN: full version pastoral_plan214_19.pdf (ENG) ENG:AUL-NZ Auckland Fit For Mission 2014.docx CIN: chinese_format.docx VIE: v...
    Date2015.09.06 Byvaclav Views4151
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  14. 2016 Salesian Mission Week: Come help us!

    Poster-GMS 2016-ING.pdf SMD2016_booklet.pdf
    Date2015.08.19 Byceteratolle Views750
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  15. Salesian Missionary Animation

    EAO SALESIAN MISSIONARY ANIMATION 2015 - preparation BASIC DOCUMENTS for DOWNLOAD Guidelines - Basic Structers of Provincial Missionary animation (2015, Fr. Basanes) Missionary animation-structures and process-ENG.pdf ...
    Date2015.07.12 Byvaclav Views459
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  16. Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service

    Missionary Volunteers - topic for the 2015 EAO joint session of youth ministry and missions (Seoul, November 12) HANDBOOK (SDB ed. 3 - 2008: Sector for Youth Ministry and Missions) FOR DOWNLOAD VOLUNTARY SERVICE MANUAL 2008-ENGLISH.doc ...
    Date2015.07.12 Byvaclav Views626
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  17. 2015 Salesian Mission Week: LORD SEND ME!

    Salesian Mission Day 2015: LORD, SEND ME! Hong Kong CHINA    By Fr. Andrew Fung, SDB  Provincial delegate for missionary animation and Vice-provincial     SALESIAN MISSION WEEK 2015   The China (CIN) Province us...
    Date2015.03.19 Byvaclav Views1074
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  18. GC27 - Missionary re-reading

    Missionary reading of the General Chapter 27 (+questions for sharing).  Rilettura Missionaria del CG 27 - ING.pdf GC27-missionary re-reading VIET.pdf  GC27 missionary reading THA-booklet.pdf  GG27-missionary reading THA.pdf Mission...
    Date2015.03.10 Byvaclav Views938
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