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2018 EAO Salesian Brother Congress

Listening to 52 Salesian Brothers


(2017-2018 interview booklet): 2018 EAO Brother 52 Interview.docx

(2017-2018 interview links)EAO-Brother Story Interview 2018 June 30.docx

FOR DOWNLOAD (2005-2006 survey: 02-EAO-34contributions.doc)

EAO – Impact of Holy Salesian Brothers ……………       4

1. Simon Srugi (Venerable) – 140th anniversary of birth

2. Steven Sandor (Blessed) – Sandor Effect in Hungary (insight in Project Europe)

3. Steven Sandor-Titus Zeman (Blessed – Martyrs) Presenting One Salesian Vocation


AUL - Australia-Pacific (Fiji & Samoa & New Zealand).   8

4. Br David involved in Advocacy against the human trafficking - Australia

5. Br Stan always smiling – Life dedicated to the Youth Center – Fiji & Australia

6. Br John Thuy – From Malaysia refugee camp to Australia born Salesian vocation


CIN – China (Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan)…………   13

7. Salesian Brothers and Priests:Hong Kong Aberdeen Technical School (ATS)

8. Br Joseph Cheung – One Life Time spent in educative mission – Hong Kong

9. Br Savio Wong – Journey with the Young: Technical School and Oratory – Taiwan

10. Br. Paul Giligiljaw Tamauwlul (Chen) – Growing with a joyful heart – Taiwan

11. Br Joseph Cheung – Vocation (Agri) Culture in Hong Kong and FIS province


FIN - Philippines North& Malaysia……………….…....  21

12. Salesian Brother Quarterly Formation meeting – Manila (By Br. Raymond Callo)

13. Br Louis Parolin – Journey with the poor rural youth – Bicol Region, Philippines

14. Br Elmer Rodriguez – Poor migrant youth loving Brother – Manila, Philippines


FIS - Philippines South& Pakistan…………………..  27

15. Br Ed Villordon and Br. Manny Gacayan – 30 years of fidelity to Don Bosco

16. Br Raffy and Br. John Raymond – Practical trainee experience

17. Br Francis Nhat – Vietnamese missionary in Pakistan


GIA – Japan……………………………………………..  31

18. Br Louis Kawabe – Contagious witness of joy and happiness among the Aspirants

19. Br Luca Tsubaki Takuya – The youngest Salesian Brother in the EAO region

20. Br Dominic Savio Tono – The most senior Provincial Economer in the EAO region

21. Br Antonio Akabae – Don’t gossip! Life-long witness from Miyazaki to Tokyo

22. Br Joseph Takeshita Naokatsu – Communication and Salesian Brother attraction

23. Br Peter Mori – Guiness Record in distributing the Miraculous Medal of Mary


INA – Indonesia………………………………………. 40

24. Br Bernardinus Mei (Mikoli) - Touched by the life witness of Brother Artemide Zatti

25. Br Ignatius Satya – Attracted by the simplicity of missionary Brothers in TLeste

26. Br L. Kelo (Oscar) – Without the Brother no complete religious community



KOR – Korea………………………………………….  45

27.Br Taddeus Oh – Remembered as Brother Provincial, shining witness (1938-2006)

28.Br Philip Yoon – We need to keep the awareness about Brother vocation alive!

29.Br Marino Bois–Don Bosco Youth Center Seoul: 50 years of Voc. Training Center

30.Br Mark Choi – Salesian Brother as Bridge between the Church and the Society

31.Br Alex Cho – Journey with the Out-of-school Youth of Korea


MYM – Myanmar………………………………………  54

32. Br Ambrose Thant – Happy to live in a Brother friendly provincial community

33. Br Dominic Sai – Appreciate the life sharing among Sal. Brother (Hua Hin 2013)

34. Br Jozef Kramar – Slovenian missionary, self-made architect and constructor


PGS- Papua New Guinea &Solomon Islands……  57

35. Br RetoWanner – Sal. Priest forget to mention the Sal. Brother in the community

36. Br Peter Khai – Strive for daily faithful following of Jesus like Don Bosco


THA – Thailand & Cambodia & Laos……………..  63

37. Br Andrew Sutham (1935-2013) A magnet that attracted the interest of the young

38. Br SaraphanKaeser – Vocation story of the youngest Salesian Brother in Thailand

39. Br John Bosco Sarorng – Vocation of the first Khmer Sales. Brother in Cambodia

40. Br Martin Tan Tai – Expect to strengthen the links between 23 EAO countries

41. Br Roberto Panetto – Founder of Salesian presence in Cambodia (Tech.Ed.)


TLS - Timor Leste……………………………………...  73

42. Br Carlos Marques,First Timorese Salesian (1912-78)-Sacrificed religious life

43. Br Jose Kusy –A Forgotten Saint (1909-2002) Never returned home for 56 years

44. Br Carlos Gamba – The Rector major of Salesian Brothers (1944-2002) Fatumaca

45. Br Filipe Da Conceicao – Need to be more explicit about Salesian consecrated life

46. Br Adriano De Jesus –Sal. Brother contributes to the Mission with specialization

47. Br Marcal Lopes – Consistent educative presence among the young people

48. Br Amilcar da Silva – Presence of Sal. Bro. makes the community truly Salesian


VIE – Vietnam& Mongolia………………………….. 79

49. Br Joseph Luan (1955-2018) One lifetime dedicated to technical education

50. Br John Baptist Trung– Long term consistent Brother presence in formation

51. Br Joseph Hoan – Vietnamese missionary in Project Europe – Belgium&Holland

52. Br Andrew Phuong – Shock-deep reflection about Sal. Brother visibility – Mongolia

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