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Formation and Youth Ministry Sector joint meeting 

Action Plan (EAO YM+Formation Delegate meeting 2016)

1.     There will be formal and systematic collaboration between the Formation and Youth minis   try commissions at provincial level (especially by means of periodic meetings) 

        regarding the Aspirantate and all levels of initial formation.

2.     The two commissions will ensure that the Salesian Youth Ministry: Frame of Reference 

        (2014) is studied at the initial and on-going formation levels in a systematic way.

3.     The two commissions will prepare together a program of pastoral activities for the whole  arc of initial formation, from the Aspirantate, paying special attention to the youth who are   poor and at risk.

4.     They will work out ways of preparing formators for the processes of pastoral and spiritual   discernment and vocation accompaniment.

5.     The two commissions will promote knowledge and implementation of the document 

        produced by the Departments for Youth Ministry and for Formation,

       “Guidelines for the Aspirantate Experience” (26 July 2011, prot. n. 11/0377).

Aspirantate Guidelilnes-2011 ENG.pdf 

Aspirantate Guidelilnes-2011 ENG.doc

Aspirantate Guidelines-2010 ITA.doc

EAO-2010-analysis aspirantate conclusion.doc


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  15. No Image

    EAO Prayer Booklet

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    Renewed Attention to the Salesian Brother (AGC424)

    05. ACG 424 Renewed Attention to the Salesian Brother ENG.docx
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    EAO Regional Formation Commission Meeting November 2016

    01. 419 ENG sessennium.doc 02 Project of the RM 2014-20.docx 02. Salesian Rector for Delegates.docx 02. sharing on sdb Rectors.docx 03. East Asia and Oceania data.xlsx 03. Interpretation statistic initial formation 31 dec 2015.docx...
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  18. No Image

    Formation of Formators by Fr. Ivo Coelho RMG

    01 Formazione e Formatori.docx
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  19. No Image

    Rector Major Angel Fernandez Artime on Formation

    07. ENG Rector Major & formation 2016.docx 07. ITA Rettor Maggiore & formazione 2016.docx
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    Consecrated Life

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