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    The Top 7 Good Things About Exercise

    But it isn't enough to exercise to lose weight. You neeⅾ to follow a proper dieting too. Уоu'll ᴡant tߋ learn about nutrition, and why yоu neеԁ certain nutrients іn strategy. Fοr еxample, dіⅾ ʏоu realize that protein is required fօr thе he...
    Date2018.06.08 ByRobertoCorreia99387 Views27
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  2. PDO 2018 Nairobi International Seminar

    PDO - Planning and Development office 2018 Seminar  Nairobi, Kenya Materials for download Program: Jean Paul Muller 25 Aprile From Hyderabad to Nairobi.docx Br. Jean Paul Muller: Jean Paul Muller 25 Aprile From Hyderabad to Nairobi....
    Date2018.04.27 Byvaclav Views28
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  3. Guidelines Economy-Charism-Mission 2018

    ‘Guidelines for the Economy at the service of the Charism and Mission’, published by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life and approved by Pope Francis in the audience on December 12, 2017....
    Date2018.04.01 Byvaclav Views237
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  4. EAO 2018 Economers meeting Seoul

    EAO Provincial Economers 2018 Input materials 'Red Book' (Administration, chapter 11)  >>> EG11.doc  Output materials Lines of Action.docx - Lines of Action: 2018-2019 LInes of Action.pptx Article on EAO Provincial Economer...
    Date2018.03.04 Byvaclav Views43
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  5. Scrutiny of Poverty - Br. Jean Paul Muller 2017 (ACG 425)

    Economer General Br. Jean Paul Muller SCRUTINY OF POVERTY - CRITERIA AT PROVINCIAL LEVEL 'Evangelical Witness of Poverty' ENGLISH Evangelical Witness of Poverty - Reflections of Bro. J. P. Mueller.PDF ITALIANO ACG 425 -...
    Date2017.12.14 Byvaclav Views42
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  6. Economy - Common Good, Ethics, Assets and Administration

    Br. Jean Paul Muller Theme 4 Economy-Jean Paul Muller Q.pdf
    Date2017.03.09 Byvaclav Views120
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  7. Good practices in animation and governance

    Date2015.03.03 Byceteratolle Views788
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