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Caritas Sisters celebrate in the General house in Rome

By Sr. Maria Letizia Ono, CSJ

Rome, Italy, 4 August 2018 -- 130 years after the birth of Fr. Cavoli, our Founder our only community on Italian soil, the General house in Rome, celebrated his Birthday.

There was a simple celebration. Together with some Sisters – students in different universities in Rome who gathered for the monthly recollection we cut the Birthday cake with few candles. This Birthday cake was baked from the apricots grown in the general house small garden and with the eggs brought by the nephew of Fr. Cavoli. On the top were 13 little candles to remember the 130 years.



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  • ceteratolle 2018.08.06 16:08
    From Fr. John Baptist ZEN, SDB

    Dear editor and friend/brother in Jesus Christ and Don Bosco

       Withe reference to the 130th Birthday of the Founder of the CSJ, may I tell you and your readers in good move a joke in the atmosphere of the family spirit;
    therefore if you are not in a good mood, please do not read the following lines, please!
    Secondly, to fully understand the joke, one must know a bit of the Italian language.
    So, let us go back to the fifties in the  Salesian world in Hong Kong where and when the Italian language was largely used, spoken and understood  in the salesian circles.

        In those yers in Hong Kong there were a few Sisters founded by now St. Luigi Versiglia, Sisters Amnnouncers of the Lord, SAL, in  a small  community, some one worked in the parishes, someone began to open and run a kindergarten and primary school, by now a well reknownd High School. The good and simple Sisters, deign  followers of the Great Saint Founder;  were looked after by now defunct Rev. Fr.  Giuseppe CUCCHIARA, SDB, Vicar General of H.E. Monsignor Michele Arduino, then Bishop of Shiu-chow, deign successor of  Monsignor Kanazei and Monsignor Versiglia.
        Here comes the joke without any malice and discrimination, proof of the then reigning authentic family spirit:

       In a similar way, in those years, in the same Hong Kong, there were some chinese nuns from a  Congregation coming from a Diocese on the Mainland China, allow me not to mention their exact name; they were looked after by now defunct FR. BRUNO GELOSA, SDB,  a great apostle for the oratories. So commonly and again with amy malice or discrimination, those Sisters were commonly called GELOSINE!!!

        In those years, in Hong Kong it was already known that in Japan where was a Congregation of local Nuns, initiated originally by Monsignor Cimatti and later on followed up by FR. ANTONIO CAVOLI, -  please excuse me,  here I am not going to mention the specific and detailed history of this Great Congregation, -  So, in the common language used for other Sisters, specifically looked after by the Salesians, these Revernd Sissters were called  CAVOLINE!, again without any malice or discrimination.
       All the contrary! God has abundantly blessed this Congregation, as far as I know, it florished in terms of number of the nuns,, in the number of the Institutions of charity and education, in different terriitories and  Contries., less in Hong Kong,  Macau and Taiwan. WELCOME TO TAIWAN, DEAR REVEREND SISTERS OF CSJ. DO YOU HEAR ME?
       As you see, apart from the joke, the matter becomes serious, I am not in any competence to invite the CSJ to begin a presence in Taiwas. but I can assure you in the name of God and of Don Bosco that here in Taiwan there is a lot of evangelization, education and apostolate to do . , , ,

    Yours fraternally, Fr. John Baptist ZEN, SDB

       By the way, exactly in these days, in Kowloon, Hong Kong the Congregations of the SAL, are having their General Chapter and on the 4th of August  under the auspice of the Bishop of Hong Kong, H.E. Monsignor Michael Yeung, - by the way, a past pupil from the Salesian Tang King Po School where Brother John Baptist Chu Shek-yan has been his instructor in a religious Association.

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