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Rector Major with the SYM-Timor Leste

By Fr. José de Sá, SDB

Dili, Timor Leste, 3 February 2018 -- Fr Angel Artime SDB, the Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco, doesn’t seem to have much rest since his arrival in Timor Leste 5 days ago. He was smiling through his busy first day till today of his fifth day animation visit. He made every one smile too. It was meeting the real Don Bosco, as many of Timorese people said after seeing Fr Angel on the first day.

Today, on Saturday, February 3, 2018 there was a long trip back from Fatumaca. He, then was stop for a while in Baucau, an old town that very influenced by salesian presence and mission.

A crowd of young people and students from various school lined up with solemn to welcome him with beautiful songs of Dom Bosco. Viva Don Angel, Viva Don Bosco. About 1pm Rector Major arrived Dili and after lunch and a short break, the Rector Major with his secretary accompanied by Fr. Klement, SDB and both Provincials of the SDB and of the FMA, Fr. Ángel was welcomed by hundreds of young people of the Salesian Youth Movement gathered in Don Bosco Hall at Comoro Dili.

The Rector Major who had always a smile in the face was happy seeing the young people surrounded him. After that, he listened to the welcome remarks given in Spanish by a youth representative. Meanwhile, he was asked to give a conference. Even it was not requested before, Fr. Ángel gladly talked to the young people from the heart. “My dear young people, the bright future of Timor Leste is very depend on you. Sometimes young people think that let others do important things, and I do other thing, but it is not like that. You, as salesian young people, have to do something more valuable such peace, justice, opportunity to all, honest work, reflect on the value of good christian and honest citizen . I’m very glad that today all salesians in 134 nations look at Timor Leste”. Rector Major then stressed the importance of education and formation of each and every one of them. As before he did in other places, Fr. Ángel lightheartedly welcomed each group of young people for a photo session. Resting for a while, then the young people were assembled in the parish church of Mary Help of Christians to celebrate the Solemnity of St. John Bosco.

As the presider and homilist, Fr. Ángel called the young people that for their joy and happiness they came together and be with one another, yet they must live in the presence of the Lord Jesus and they have to run to Mary for God’s blessings.

After the Mass, there was dinner for all hosted by the SYM of both SDB and FMA and the final program of the day, a cultural night graced by the presence of the Rector Major accompanied by both Provincials of SDB and FMA and Fr. Klement as well. There were beautiful performances from the young people from different communities in the vice-province and after one performance, these communities offered their gifts to the Rector Major. After that, Fr. Ángel gave the Good Night Talk, recalling the good things happened today, the family spirit among the young people and their sympathy and generosity toward one another and ended the day by joining in cultural dances with the young people.

Yes, it was a joyful celebration for the young people those who have embraced and lived the spirit Don Bosco.












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