CDB (Volunteers With Don Bosco) - AG 6 (6th General Assembly)

by vaclav posted Jan 01, 2018


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AG6 (Genzano, Rome - 28th December 2017 - 5th January 2018)

Documents for download: 

CDB-AG6.docx  (ANS news)

AG6 Doc Final Version en.docx (Final document ENG)

Growth in Communion: Fr. Chavez

CDB-Communion Chavez ITA.doc

Growth in Communion: Mr. Vendramin Antonio (Istituto Cristo Re)

CDB AG6 Vendramin ITA.pdf

VDB AG6: Life of the Group (Communion)

VDB-2007-AG6 Communion ENG.doc

Letter to the Bishops about Secular Consecrated Life (2017) ITA

CDB Assistant Handbook (Final Draft) 

ITALIANO: CDB-Assistant SDB handbook ITA.doc

CDB AG6 Genzano day 1.jpg