RM - Art of listening and accompaniment - Strenna 2018

by vaclav posted Dec 25, 2017


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Commentary on the Strenna 2018



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Video text (English template - captions)

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Commentary of the Rector Major

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ITALIANO: STRENNA 2018 - Commento ITA+.docx

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JAPANESE: STRENNA 2018 (Intro, July 2017) ストレンナ2018要点180111.docx

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Dear brothers and sisters of the whole Salesian Family in the world,

   "As per tradition, at the end of the year I present the Strenna to our sisters, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, and from that day it becomes a gift for our whole Salesian Family, in every part of the world. 

The purpose of the Strenna and of its commentary is to help us have the same heart and look in the many initiatives in all our works and in the mission each one is called to carry out according to the specific charismatic vocation of the groups of our Salesian Family.

   I can testify to you that, in the hundreds of meetings I have had in these four years with young people from the five continents, I have gained the certainty that in the houses and works led by the groups of the Salesian Family there are thousands and thousands of good young people, open to life, eager to be formed, to learn; young people in search. Many of them have a great and generous heart, and wish to serve others, to do something for others, to help, to donate themselves.

         They are young people who request our help to continue to grow and mature in their faith. And there are others who do not ask explicitly, but who feel a great need for a personal encounter and for being listened to. There are many who would be willing to take a personal and communal path of discernment and accompaniment.


         So I ask myself: What are we waiting for? Why do we not decide to be much more available to accompany all our young people in what is most important to their lives? What is holding us back? Why "being busy" or "spending time" in other things when this is a real priority for education and evangelization?

                 We will take many more significant steps, my dear brothers and sisters, on the day when we will truly convince ourselves that more important than the things and activities we offer to the young people and their families, is our presence, our listening and our openness to dialogue." 

  This is the initial strong motivation in the 20 page long official Commentary to the Strenna for 2018 published today by the Rector Major.

 The video commentary is available on the Youtube ANS Chanell from today and the full text in the main Salesian languages is available on the Boscolink as well.

 The Poster of the Strenna in different languages and the respective translations to the EAO languages are available on the provincial websites.



ANS - Rome) – Many and important are the messages the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, intends to convey with Strenna 2018 on the theme: "'LORD, GIVE ME THIS WATER. LET US CULTIVATE THE ART OF LISTENING AND ACCOMPANIMENT." While waiting for the complete comment to be presented, as per tradition, the poster is already available towards the end of the year. Here, then, ten points to best appreciate this next year's theme:

Many thirst, and many are the glasses and lives that are empty and tired that ask to be replenished with meaning.There is much good soil with good seed waiting to be "awakened" from the inexhaustible source of Life that springs from Jesus.

Don Bosco is full of the living water of Jesus, a well that provides water to everyone, especially young people, water that gives Life, commitment, and hope.

The Samaritan woman: a foreigner, refused, confused, tormented ... She meets with Jesus and everything changes.

Jesus, the Source of Living Water.

Mary Help of Christians, always careful, who maternally reminds us: "Do what Jesus says."

The water of inexhaustible love flows from the ribs and heart of Jesus. The encounter with the Samaritan was in the sixth hour, the same that Jesus died on the Cross when blood and water came out of his broken heart.

The task of adults is to collaborate, accompany, cultivate.

Water quenches thirst, irrigates, washes, allows seeds to sprout, vivifies, changes the desert into a garden.

The Spirit of God works and donates willpower to man.

Different ages, different experiences, different races, languages ​​and cultures, but the same humanity, the same thirst, the same intense joy in receiving Jesus as Living Water.

The poster, available in 6 languages, will soon be made available and send to all the Salesian circumscriptions worldwide. In the coming days, it will also be made available in high definition on sdb.org and ANSFickr

The poster is designed by a well-known Spanish artist, Patxi Velasco Fano, who signs his work simply as "Fano", his mother's surname, who when called by her first name is called: "Fe", which in Spanish means 'Faith'. "So I can say that I'm definitely the son of Faith."  Married, father of three children, Fano teaches at the elementary school "María de la O" in Malaga, in a context of marginalization and poverty, but full of life, joy and hope.

The designer Mauro Borgatello and the Communication Team of the South Italy Province (IME Communication) also participated in the global design of the poster.



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