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2017.12.10 17:24

4578(II)_One Day with Mary in Chieri

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The Marian Circle in Chieri 2017

By Our Own Correspondent

Turin, Italy -- 8 December 2017 was celebrated all around the Salesian World as 'usual' - with Eucharistic celebration, Academy, special cultural and religious events. For many EAO Salesians The Immaculate Conception of Mary Feastday comes after well prepared prayer and spiritual journey of Novena since 29th of November.

For the 300+ Salesian Family members in Chieri, where young Johny Bosco spent 10 years as a teenager and student of the major seminary (1831-1841), it was one full day of many meaningful celebrations. Advent recollection with talk and confession, games, lotery, drama, Eucharist and meals - all happening in a wonderful family spirit where each one does contribute to the celebration.

At the middle of the day also the Chieri St. Theresa community FMA Sisters joined the 'Marian Circle', remembering together the first Haily Mary of Don Bosco said together on December 8, 1841 in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Turin. Four years ago the Hail Mary was said only with 12 participants. But yesterday more than 300 young Oratorians joined a large crowd with their animators and Salesian family groups who formed a prayer circle in this symbolic and charismatic moment at noon time. One Hail Mary of 2017 in Chieri echoes that of Don Bosco said in 1841.

Quite few strong insights in the community and charismatic dynamics of Chieri 2017: Conversion, synergy of lay mission partners with the young and the Salesians SDB, sacrificed service to the large Educative - Pastoral Community. Indeed the faith education does happen through the catechesis and Oratorian activities, the postmodern youngsters of Chieri are really at the heart of this community. Without very systematic formation effort for the Oratory animators (12-25 years of age), of their parents, of the Salesian Cooperators and their Aspirants we can't imagine these favolous Salesian dynamics.

In the early evening was celebrated Eucharist, presided by the EAO regional councilor. The 14th century chapel of the St. Luigi complex was packed with Salesian Family members, animators and young people. At the end of the Eucharist concelebrated by the Rector, Fr. Eligio Caprioglio and his community the Salesian Cooperators renewed their Promise and the 2018 ID Card of the local Unit of Don Bosco Past Pupils were blessed.

At present in Chieri there is 8 SDB strong community of senior confreres, 15 FMA strong community of more senior sisters and large number of Salesian Family members who are taking the lead in the youth ministry services: a vibrant Youth Center and Oratory, High school supported by the parents and animators, with regular drama performance and sport events. The Oratory started a special exchange with Gizo diocese in Solomon Islands since last summer animation among the youth of Gizo parishes and schools.

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