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EAO delegates for social communication

Vietnam, November 11-14

Don Bosco Retreat House, K'Long

D Rua y D Bosco.jpg

Animation Material for DOWNLOAD

Salesian System of Social Communication, 2nd edition 2011


EAO Regional Process (Fr. Filiberto) 

2017.11. 10-14 SCD ASIA EST OCEANIA.pptx


Delegate/Team Level

Personal and team level to be combined. Delegate to take more initiatives. To have good relationship with local SDB reps. Delegate needs to be a prayerful person. Delegate needs to bring the team together, have a direction. He/she needs respect from people too. Delegate is a priority, the first point of call. Provincial’s involvement is very important too.

Animate: Pray together. Needs to be in connection with the local communities as well as outside.

Regular meetings, having an SC plan is very important. Formation aspect of the SC is often forgotten. Please don’t!


Provincial Level:

More involvements in formation is very important. Have a SC Day in the province. Change the mindsets of the Salesians in SC matters.


Sectors Level

In Vietnam, a special column in the magazine reserved for the Missions featuring Vietnamese missionaries around the world.

Delegates from other sectors meet regularly for the events of the province.

Great relationship with YM and Missions in most provinces


Missions Level

Evangelization on the digital continent

Many students in our schools are not Christians, yet it is a good ground for evangelization

Media literacy and etiquette and safety

Offering Masses in schools, a way of talking about Jesus a bit more than Don Bosco


Regional Level

Greater involvement in AustraLasia

Have a bit more news and information in English in our websites.

VIE-EAO SC 1.jpg

K'Long Don Bosco Retreat Center

VIE_EAO sc 2.jpg

Meeting hall and Chapel

VIE_EAO sc 4.jpg

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