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2017.03.11 21:02

4324_Steadfast growth in Communion

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The 13 points for the growth of the EAO Region: 
EAO Team Visit 2017 (10) - Day 4

By Our Own Correspondent

Hua Hin, Thailand, 11 March 2017 -- Also the last working session of the EAO 2017 TEAM VISIT was conducted in family environment. Before the final sharing of the Rector Major the full image of Don Bosco in the Meeting Hall was completed and Fr. Angel read his 'last piece of the mosaic' - a prayer addressed to Don Bosco. Then we gave thanks to all EAO Coordinators for all 6 Sectors: Formation - Br. Mon, YM - Fr. Jobeth (new!), SC - Fr. Drans, Missions - Fr. Fung, Economy - Fr. Satura, Salesian Family - Fr. Chong as well the EAO secretary Fr. Ditto.

In his final remarks the 10th Successor of Don Bosco shared 13 points in a simple way (translated from Spanish to Italian and English) to focus on the integral vision of the Salesian Charism growth. Does not matter if some province is slow or fast. What does matter that all of us are journeying in the right direction with a clear Salesian vision:

  1. Appreciation about the constant growth in communion within the largest SDB region

  2. Appreciation of the greater openness and mutual collaboration among the EAO provinces

  3. Clear vision as the main condition for a healthy Salesian charismatic identity growth

  4. Shared mission with the Lay People (mission partners) as indispensable condition

  5. Salesian Vocation in two complementary forms - Salesian Brother and Salesian Priest

  6. Strong invitation to reach out, to go out of our comfort zones (missionary spirit)

  7. Continue to prepare the ground for inter-cultural and international local and provincial communities

  8. Transparency, proper use of our assets and properties

  9. Formation as a high priority: Salesians as Servant of the Young, YM of process, Missionary vocation ad gentes

  10. Formation of formators, qualification plan and action for all provinces and delegations

  11. Strengthen and make grow the Salesian Family in each province as our common goal

  12. Continue to push the AustraLasia and Boscolink (, sharing with the ANS and translations in to EAO languages

  13. Accompany well all 6 Delegations as Region blessed with most delegations in the whole Congregation.

The last day was a wonderful family mixture of personal encounters, thanks from all parts to all parts, sharing of mutual gifts among the provinces and old or new friends. Each member contribution with his evaluation as well.

One of the EAO provincial shares his second team visit experience:

"This Team Visit involves us more than the previous one with it's different methodology, including more province group sharing. It help us to be more realistic in our sharing and future decision making. There were less talks like in the school where you receive so much informations. A mutual knowledge among the 95 participants from other EAO sector meetings helped to create a wonderful fraternity environment. The Rector Major was at the center of this encounter and he was well accompanied by his Councilors."

Very joyful family spirit was the trait of the last Thanksgiving Cultural Night moderated by Fr. Andy Satura (FIS) with contribution from all 11 provinces and concluded with the thanksgiving in all directions. The hosting provincial Fr. Theparat invited the Rector Major 'Come again back to your home - to Hua Hin'!

The Team Visit is followed by one full day of Provincial and Economers meeting on March 11 in the same venue of Hua Hin Salesian Retreat House. The Rector Major left back for Rome after lunch of March 11 with his Secretary.













  • vaclav 2017.03.19 21:15
    I take this time too, to THANK YOU VERY MUCH 
    for your enthusiastic work for us in the Provinces of the EAO Region
    which I felt deeply in our Team Visit experience in Hua Hin. 
    It is really a strong moment of communion among ourselves 
    and the General Council, and with the presence of Fr. Angel, 
    our Rector Major seen in all that we are doing
    for the young in this part of the world.
    I continue to pray for all of us
    that the Holy Spirit may keep us fervent and enthusiastic
    in our life and ministry for the young.
    Yours in Don Bosco,

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