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This 'Main' group is the most basic group in the entire Bosconet-wiki. It contains (apart from the Home Page) the basic structure of the wiki - central content, sidebars and so forth. But you are also likely to find many topics here that you will not find under any of the distinctively 'Salesian' headings; in other words, Main contains non or at least very loosely Salesian-related material.

'''You might like to look for''':

Digital issues

FOSSERVATORE an 'observation post' for matters concerning Free and Open Source Software. This leads to other links from that page.


Collects for Salesian Saints and Blesseds while awaiting an official print run of such texts in English Salesian Collects Collection of Salesian proper prayers in pdf

Religious Life-Consecration

Religious Life - new perspectives in modern times. Additonal resources from the same author

Vidimus Dominum The best place to find any number of texts on this subject

Religious Life: part of the phenomenon of being human a pdf summary presentation of Sandra Schneider's ''Finding the Treasure''

Religious Life as an organic life form Part 1, from Schneider's first volume indicated above

Religious Life as an organic life form Part 2

Implications for Religious Life from Schneider, cont.

A theological reality in the Church as above

Religious life sources of confusion as above

Translated material

Salesian Digital Library SDL is the best general resource for translated Salesian materials in a variety of languages

The following translations of secondary texts referring to Don Bosco are from Fr Alan McDonald sdb (AUL). They are zip files.

McDonald 1

McDonald 2

McDonald 3

McDonald 4

The following collection was translated by Fr Zuliani sdb (SUE). Word file

9 Good Nights by Fr Ricceri

Translation and terminological issues

Salesian Termbase, available from these pages (see left hand sidebar) now supersedes all other efforts. For legacy purposes, the links that follow still work and you may indeed find additional information in some of them not contained in ST which is a far more rigorous terminological presentation.

Glossary This is a simplified but efficient way (via SDL) of identifying Salesian terminology and its meaning and usage. A more elaborate version (allowing search in a huge corpus of texts, is called Select

Another form of this is called Salesian Terminology A-Z which leads you to the same Glossary material as found in SDL but with the possibility of editing it if you possess the password. Contact site administrator if you do not know the password.


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